Frequently Asked Questions

Q. What is the Hello Tomorrow Fund?
The Avon Hello Tomorrow Fund is an initiative of Avon Products Inc and Avon Cosmetics Limited whose objective is to inspire and empower women by providing individuals with cash awards that will allow them to pursue a Northamptonshire project that supports women in one of two areas: Awareness and Education or Community Service.

Q. Can you explain the two categories?
There are two categories in which you can apply for a Hello Tomorrow Fund Award. You must select a category, submit a complete application form and answer all application questions for the category in which you are applying. The two areas are:

1. Awareness and Education
These awards must be used to educate and inform people in Northamptonshire about an issue that affects women, and/or to share with people in Northamptonshire your personal experiences of this issue in order to inspire and empower other women and ultimately have a positive impact in that sphere. Can include areas such as health, welfare, family, sport, environment and lifestyle.

2. Community Service
These awards must be used to set up or expand a not-for-profit project or programme in Northamptonshire to help women fulfil their potential, overcome adversity or support a common goal. Projects of almost any nature will be considered as long as the criteria are met to help enhance women's role in the community.

Q. What does the application process entail? Do I have to submit an essay?
The Hello Tomorrow Fund application form includes some brief questions relevant to the category you wish to enter, some of which require a short written response ranging from 25 to 150 words. These allow you to describe the focus of the efforts for which you are seeking support, background information on why the funds are needed and the impact you feel it will make in your local community, details of any past activities and your plan for spending the award money.

You will also be asked to complete a brief questionnaire containing your personal contact information so we know how to follow up with you if your entry is selected as a finalist or winner.

Q. What is the deadline to submit an application?
Launched on March 8th to coincide with International Women's Day, the closing date for the first cycle of applications is March 30th. Winners will be announced within two weeks, and thereafter there will be a four-weekly application/review cycle starting on the first Monday in each month. Click here to view the awards schedule, the final applications will be invited in February 2008.

Q. What is International Women's Day?
A. An opportunity to celebrate the economic, political and social achievements of women around the world. Awareness and activity varies from country to country but generally it is recognised by charities, churches, communities and governments as a way to celebrate the contribution women make to society.

Q. How do I submit an application?
Applications may be easily submitted online through the Avon website and click onto Hello Tomorrow Fund where they will be submitted directly for review. See 'Apply Now' An alternative method is by post and a printable pdf of the application form is available on this site or you can request a full set of application materials by writing to the Hello Tomorrow Fund, Avon Cosmetics, Nunn Mills Road, Northampton NN1 5PA. Deadlines and dates remain the same for both methods.

Q. Who is eligible to enter?
A. The following guidelines must be fulfilled to be eligible to apply for a Hello Tomorrow Fund award:
• The application must be made by an individual, but the award can be made for the benefit of an organisation or company.
• Women and men are eligible to apply as long as the programme or project benefits women in Northamptonshire.
• You must be 18 years of age or older
• You must be a legal resident in the United Kingdom
• You must not be an employee (or immediate family member of an employee) of Avon Cosmetics Limited, the Chronicle and Echo newspaper group (Johnston Press) or any affiliates or agencies associated with this promotion.
• Your application must demonstrate how a Hello Tomorrow Fund award will help to empower women, expand their horizons and realise a bright future.
• You must comply with all the eligibility rules and terms and conditions of entry set out in the application form.

Q. Can I apply more than once?
A. You may only submit one (1) award application per monthly cycle. Applications from one monthly award cycle will not carry forward into subsequent cycles, but you may re-submit the same unsuccessful or new application. Once submitted, applications become the property of the Hello Tomorrow Fund and will not be returned.

Q. How often can I win an award?
A. You are eligible to receive only one (1) Hello Tomorrow Fund Award during the full promotional period and may apply for no more than one (1) award per monthly award cycle.

Q. Can I enter if I am not legally resident in the United Kingdom?
No. You must be legally resident in the United Kingdom to apply.

Q. I am a student. Can I apply?
Yes, students may apply if over 18 years of age.

Q. I am an Avon Representative. Can I apply?
A. Yes, Avon Representatives are eligible to apply (except for those Representatives who are also employees or immediate family members of employees of Avon Cosmetics Limited or of the Chronicle and Echo newspaper group or of any agency associated with this promotion). However, submitted programmes or projects must benefit the broader community and must not be intended to enhance an Avon Representative's business and therefore benefit Avon.

Q. I work for Avon. Can I apply for the HT Fund?
A. No. As with all consumer-driven competitions and awards programmes,
no-one associated with the related companies is eligible for participation under any circumstances. This includes employees (and their immediate family members) of Avon Cosmetics Limited, the Chronicle and Echo newspaper group and any agency associated with this promotion.

Q. How will the winners be selected?
A. Award decisions will be based on a review of the written application and how well it demonstrates:
• A deep commitment to empowering women (of any age) and improving society in the county of Northamptonshire
• A clear and compelling case for support
• A solid and realistic plan for spending Hello Tomorrow Fund cash award and raising any additional funds needed to achieve your application's stated goal
• Measurable and achievable outcomes
• A clear explanation of how the award will actually empower women and help to change women's lives in the county of Northamptonshire

Q. Who are the judges?
Eligible entries will be reviewed by a panel of judges through a competitive process, and will be announced monthly on the and in the Chronicle and Echo newspaper and associated titles. The judging panel includes Andrea Slater (president of Avon UK), Mark Edwards (editor of the Chronicle and Echo newspaper) and Rosemary Goode, outgoing president of Northampton Rotary Club. See 'Meet the Judges' for personal profiles.

Q. Will I get to meet or present my ideas to the judges?
No, applicants will not meet with the judges to discuss, review or present their application. The judging panel will select winners based only upon the application submitted.

Q. Will Hello Tomorrow Fund Award winners receive their award in cash?
Awards will be provided in the form of a cheque. Award winners are responsible for all costs and expenses associated with implementing their application that exceeds the award provided.

Q. How will I be notified if I am chosen to receive an award?
Award recipients will receive a call from Avon before the announcement is made public within two weeks of the closing date. Winning applications will be announced monthly on the and in the Chronicle and Echo newspaper group. Each winner will be profiled on the website.

Q. When will the first award be announced to the public? How often will awards be announced?
The first Hello Tomorrow Fund award winners will be announced week beginning April 23rd 2007 and subsequently each month, within 21 days of the closing date for applications.

Q. Will you tell my story in the local news?
Yes. We are working closely with our media partner the Chronicle and Echo group who will announce all award winners' stories. We may also contact national press for further opportunities. All winners must be willing to participate in publicity efforts to help share the news about the Hello Tomorrow Fund opportunity.

Q. Will award winners be obliged to report their progress?
The award winner is required to use the funds as outlined in the submitted application form. As part of this submission, each applicant agrees that acceptance of an award constitutes permission for Avon to use their story in Hello Tomorrow Fund publicity and promotions. Avon will contact the award winners approximately six (6) months after the award is made to follow the progress of the winners' programmes and so track the impact of the Hello Tomorrow Fund.